Hello, all! I wanted to express my warmest gratitude to all of you at the initiation of this bright, bold new year! Indeed, it is times like these when poetry can move, shape, and connect people from all over this nation and our globe — to heal our wounds and bind up our souls.

Therefore, I am sharing with you some of the poems I wrote over the course of my winter break; I have many more yet to come, and will post those individually in the coming future. Until then, enjoy!

my sunlight

from the endless sea you
came born of rose bleeding sun
beaming in unfettered joy and yet i
i weeping in my heart that i should lose
you so fair so soft so bright a morn so clear a light

laughing sparkling shimmering
you stream through oak and redwood flowing
coursing over stone in gentle rush always happy
always warm playing upon my face gazing upon my eyes
a sunken blue a tamed passion drifting like morning white fog

and you soaring up up
blowing with a swift autumnal breeze
tousling fields of golden grass rolling hills
stretching lips to sea forever embracing a love i once knew
and once beheld i never did want to let go and run free for fear

for fear that once you
slipped from my calloused fingers i never
would behold your sweet touch nor watch you grow strong
amongst the mossy ancient oaks and fresh green redwood springs
arising from the wasteland dust a fecund womb of burning poppy singing

milk and honey joys of life
a life ebbing a crimson leaf falling
a tide of fog rushing to snuff all dancing flames
even yours my moonlight lily love cut short and fading fast
the day dusking with eternal blackness back across the sapphire sea

back across the boundless font of life
laughter echoing in empty streams and hollow valleys and i
i weep no more and smile for even in the darkest night you shall rise

my sunlight

A video performance of “my sunlight.”

the road i died hallelujah

ive been walking
a long lone road through rain
and shine night and day dark and light
my exodus to the land of nowhere and nothing under the sun
my heart is a thousand shards dangling i dont know i dont know staring screaming black void


warm tears dripping
from eyes rubbed raw and bathed in siloam
the world moving at my touch wisps of cloud tinged crimson
falling sun past craggy peaks of skull plunging me back into thick darkness
eyes blinded once more stung by biting north wind driving me past edge of sharp icy cliff

Give us this day our daily hallelujah

soul soft stirring
lifting up bronze shattered spirits broken
in blessed twinkling resonating chime of stars through time
dancing in looping chaos of brushstrokes across the sea of space in strong
beating light angels streaking blue green rainbow melting stone in flowering white moss


guiding heaven eyes
down far below to silent bells tolling
floating on an endless frozen ocean wasteland a flickering
candle burning in the window sills of hearts in long awaiting midnight vigil
beneath blooming lily drops of moon shining through pellucid haze rising in unfettered chorus


lighting my path
such struggle rejoicing in jubilee
jagged hills smoothing to rolling green fertile pastures
frigid maelstroms clearing in calm waters cradling ark in infant arms
pair of doves soaring the Road i Lived and Died the Road Birthing I beyond the Son to sing



eyes bleeding
     burning devouring black flies
          screaming heart of flesh
               sobbing struggling soul
                    forsaken by its mother to cold death

                    warm light in
              seas of milky honey
         beating in your soul as I embrace
     and lift you up like serpent bronze in peaceful sleep
with eyes of sapphire harking auric tears for what was lost is

a winter’s dusk: haiku +1

tree cold bright
                 weeping tears
    newborn soul

I Can

i cant fight this raging red torrent
     subsuming all my dreams and hopes lost
     shattering hearts and families like white porcelain angels
i cant pretend that life isnt a barren wasteland
     depriving with insatiable inexorable cruel hunger
     forsaking me to weep and gnash my dust in darkness
i cant look in the mirror but see emptiness
     taunting me my lurking shadow doppelgänger
     whispering grating deceit of asperous joy falling too low
i cant feel anything but dread and pain
     boiling my stomach like our polluted seas
     burning my mind like a billion acres of vernal ash
i cant hear sweet birds caroling deaf
     deafening silent ringing ring ting tinging
     piercing cry jolting sweat soaked sleep of terrors
i cant embrace my soul rotten
     retreating untouchable horrid fiend in day
     infecting clean air with the foul stench of gangrenous flesh
i cant stop the götterdämmerung
     eclipsing the ephemeral world in eternal twilight
     drowning in the frigid waters slit by sharp bleeding rocks

Non nocte moriar at cum sole ascendam et hanc pugnam pugnam nostram quotidianam pugnabO

I Can swim with clear currents of possibility
     buoying all dreams and hopes in entropic ecstasy
     expanding and uniting in shining shimmering cosmic light
I Can cast aside the hollow façades I’m living
     flowering golden poppies flowing honey milk
     birthing from scorched earth blessed with soft touch of love
I Can see myself for the person whom I am
     smiling in beaming fresh pellucid morning sun
     dripping drip drip gentle dew down from petal of crimson rose
I Can stand burned but not consumed
     healing tender wounds and bitter scars
     kissing flames with tears of heart in bounding leaping joy
I Can hark life’s spontaneous vignettes
     playing melodies of love gliding all around
     dancing twirling looping on and on at restless close of day
I Can lift up my quiet heavy soul
     growing brighter lambent light on stand
     soaring flaming sparrow on sweet breath of newborn sky
I Can rebehold the stars to sing
     dawning mellifluous crepuscular lux aeterna
     beating beauty blending ex animo infinito symphonia maxima Fidei Spei Amoris

I Can
      We Can
             Ad Astra
                      Per Aspera


aqua vitae vita


cool and
crisp springing
from garden well clear
raining sparkling lambent tears
of dripping red sun falling flowing
on thirsty tiring land and streaming on dry
aching ground bubbling dancing lily with vivacious
joy washing healing cracked fetid wounds and scars giving
eyes to see ears to hear the wondrous greatest symphony of life
beating in all souls and ever rippling through silent speaking cosmos
cascading melting snow over deep stretching roots of fecund sweet fruits
A spring whose waters kind shall never fail to flow and bear light unto us
illuminating the formless empty darkness cold void with hovering candle of
change rejoicing this day our daily sunrise pouring water from salvation well
in bountiful unfettered abundance of blood and water pumping heart of our
good families nourishing endless fields of wheat reaping thick sheaf upon
sheaf threshing ancient vines reaching crimson virgin grapes from waste
dead dust in aurum wine of rivers flowing from without within blessed
gentle tender white snow kissed dove with fresh green olive sprig
lifting spirits with serpent bronze water life eternal welling up
in each of us flowering rose of soul dancing on thorns
giving leaves of tree for healing of nations so
that none among us shall thirst

vitae vita
omni veni veni bibi bibi
Emmanuel bibi atque ignosceris in Perpetuo
give to give the gift of Life the gift of Love to all forever and always

In case there is a problem in formatting, check out this link to view a pdf of “aqua vitae vita.”