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The Key to the Cosmos

I made a post a while back on a video I recorded on Euler’s Identity, in which I explored the poetic elegance of mathematics. In a similar vein, a recent video I published on Tsiolkovsky’s Equation explains how, based on a few fundamental physical observations, we can represent the seemingly complex way a rocket works in one stunning, and relatively straightforward, equation.

But what exactly is Tsiolkovsky’s Equation, and how can we use it to travel to the cosmos? Well buckle up, because it’s going to be a fun ride!

Tsiolkovsky’s breathtakingly beautiful equation.

Euler’s Identity: The Poetic Beauty of Mathematics

[Euler’s formula] is the most remarkable formula in mathematics.

Richard feynman

Now I know what you might be thinking – what place does a video on a mathematical equation have in a poetry blog? Well, in my mind, there is no dividing line between intellectual subjects; they all blend into one cohesive gestalt: knowledge. Furthermore, I consider mathematics as yet another expression of limitless human creativity. I see poetic beauty in the ability of mathematics to represent the wondrous enigmas of our universe: the simplicity and eloquence of Pythagoras’s theorems and Euler’s formulae are to mathematics as Shakespeare’s sonnets and Hemingway’s short stories are to writing.

As I explain in my video, mathematics is the language of the universe, and we can master it to create the most exquisite expressions of the very conscious of the universe. That to me is poetry.

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